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- Organic, raw, unpasteurized almonds soaked in filtered water until activated, neutralizing the anti-digestion enzyme: phytic acid, which makes nutrients more absorbable.


- Air-dried 24+ hours at a low temperature to preserve the beneficial fat, Omega-3 (the body does not make but needs to survive), and creating a light satisfying crunch. 


- We use Estate-produced pure Crown Maple Syrup. An unblended pure maple syrup, crafted from a single-estate location.


-Ancient mined pink salt doesn’t have plastic (all sea or ocean salts have been found to contain microparticles of plastic), aluminum, anti-caking agents, and other nonsense in it.


- Contains allergens: tree nuts

- no added oils

- small batch

- handcrafted

- fresh light crunchy

- 3-4 day process for each batch

- simple ingredients



Chipotle Maple Almonds

PriceFrom $4.95
  • 4 ingredients: *almonds (raw, organic, sprouted & dehydrated), *maple syrup, *chipotle, mined pink salt


    *denotes organic


    Our smoky chile pepper almonds have a medium heat and a lightly sweet/salty combination. A generous coating ensures that every bite is flavorful. Delicious topping for fish, poultry, or stir fry.  Perfect snack with beer, cider, or any fermented beverage. 

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