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Mickey B
the Lactobacillus

Mickey B is working on a program to help people understand the importance of  gut microbe maintenance for good health through stories, videos, and online workshops. Stay tuned and eat well.

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Resources we recommend:

Bionutrient Food Association

Our strategy is to use enlightened self interest to create the reality we want to see. We do not feel it’s necessary to fight the forces that we see as detrimental in the food system, but to educate, organize & empower those who understand what it is we’re working on. “When the people lead, the leaders will follow”.

Real Organic Project

The Real Organic Project was started by farmers to protect the meaning of organic. We grow food in the soil, not hydroponically. We raise livestock on pasture, not in confinement. In this time of concern about the erosion of integrity in the USDA, Real Organic remains exactly what organic was always intended to be.

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