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and beverages

Water Kefir is a raw, unpasteurized, fermented, beverage with live cultures that naturally provide beneficial micro-organisms, B vitamins, electrolytes, acetic acids,

and enzymes for gut + immune support.

Organic cane sugar is metabolized by the SCOBY of the initial ferment so very low sugar remains. Cold pressed juices, raw honey, herbs, and spices are added

for unique flavor combinations.

Hydrating Energizing Refreshing

2oz shots of cold pressed ginger and turmeric juices, local honey, pineapple juice, cayenne extract, white pepper.

Also available in just

Honey Lemon Ginger

Organic Ginger Root

with slow cooked infusion

of dark robust maple syrup

to a chewy, satisfying texture.

ginger chews.jpg

Activated Air-Dried Almonds: organic, raw, sprouted, dehydrated at low temperatures.

Available in five flavors: Fermented Garlic, Kimchi, Cocoa Maple and Maple Chipotle, and Maple Salt

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coco or cocochip nuts.jpg
maple nuts.jpg

New Flavor

kimchi almond jar.jpg

Light and Crunchy

maple salt almond jar label.jpg

Variety of Fermented Veggies
Mickey B Kimchi, Giardiniera, Garlic Cloves,
Traditional German Sauerkraut, Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

INNER LOVE foods are prepared and packaged

in Sussex County, NJ


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