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healthiest nuts
INNER LOVE raw sprouted almonds
INNER LOVE raw sprouted almonds

Activated Air-Dried Almonds and Walnuts

organic, raw, sprouted, dehydrated at low temperatures

Light and Crunchy Almonds: Maple Chipotle, Cocoa Maple, Maple Pink Salt, Fermented Garlic & Kimchi

Creamy and Sweet Walnuts: Cinnamon Maple, Java Maca Maple

Pecans: Mocha Maple

inner love almonds, inner love, sprouted nuts
inner love, sprouted walnuts, sprouted nuts, activated nuts
inner love, activated nuts, sprouted walnuts
inner love, sprouted walnuts, activated nuts

Organic Maple Ginger Root Chews

slow-cooked in dark robust maple syrup for two days 

gently dried to jerky like chewy texture with super spicy, lightly sweet maple flavor

inner love, ginger chews, sprouted almonds
INNER LOVE maple ginger chews

Water Kefir

Raw, unpasteurized, fermented, beverage with live cultures that naturally provide beneficial micro-organisms,

B vitamins, electrolytes, acetic acids, & enzymes for gut & immune support.

Organic cane sugar is metabolized by the SCOBY of the initial ferment so very low sugar remains.

We use cold pressed juices, raw honey, herbal teas, and organic extracts to create

unique flavor combinations.

Hydrating Energizing Refreshing

inner love, health food, water kefir


made with cold pressed organic and wild berries and fruit, local honey or maple

inner love, immune support, elderberry, antiviral_edited.png

Variety of Fermented Veggies

featuring Mikey B

Kimchi, Giardiniera, Garlic Cloves, Traditional German Sauerkraut, & Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

inner love, Mickey B Kimchi, inner love almonds.jpg
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prepared and packaged at 12 Church St Vernon NJ United States

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