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and beverages


Activated Air-Dried Almonds

* organic, raw * sprouted * dehydrated at low temperatures *

Available in five flavors: Maple Chipotle, Cocoa Maple, Maple Pink Salt, Fermented Garlic and Kimchi.

Light & Crunchy


Organic Ginger Root

* slow-cooked in dark maple syrup for two days * gently dried to maintain light *

* moist, chewy & satisfying texture *


Water Kefir

* raw, unpasteurized, fermented, beverage with live cultures that naturally provide beneficial micro-organisms*

* B vitamins, electrolytes, acetic acids, & enzymes for gut & immune support *

* organic cane sugar is metabolized by the SCOBY of the initial ferment so very low sugar remains *

* Cold pressed juices, raw honey, herbs, juices, and spices are added for unique flavor combinations *

Hydrating Energizing Refreshing

2 oz. Cold-Pressed Ginger & Turmeric Shot

* made with local honey, pineapple juice, cayenne extract & white pepper *

* Also available in Honey Lemon Ginger! *

Variety of Fermented Veggies

featuring Mikey B

* Kimchi, Giardiniera, Garlic Cloves, Traditional German Sauerkraut & Sliced Jalapeno Peppers flavors *

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INNER LOVE foods, snacks and beverages are prepared and packaged in Sussex County, NJ


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