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Ginger Root
Researchers believe the gingerol compounds are the ones responsible for the root’s benefits. They’re also responsible for their smell and flavor. Gingerol has powerful properties that may help the body in a variety of different ways.



Maple Ginger Root Chews

PriceFrom $7.45
  • 2 ingredients: fresh organic ginger infused with dark maple syrup


    All organic ingredients INNER LOVE maple ginger root chew bits are slow-cooked in dark robust maple syrup for almost two days. We gently dry them for a chewy, jerky like texture. The full heat ascends for a few delicious moments and leaves with a sweet and spicy note making your mouth and tummy feeling warm and satisfied.


    Add them to oatmeal, veggie stir fry, topping on desserts, with your favorite cup of tea, coffee or an aperitif.

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