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- Contains allergens: tree nuts

- oil-free

- small batch

- handcrafted

- fresh light crunchy

- 3-4 day process for each batch

- simple ingredients


- Organic, raw, unpasteurized almonds soaked in filtered water until activated, neutralizing the anti-digestion enzyme: phytic acid, which makes nutrients more absorbable.


- Air-dried 24+ hours at a low temperature to preserve the beneficial fat, Omega-3 (the body does not make but needs to survive), and creating a light satisfying crunch. 


- We use Estate-produced pure Crown Maple Syrup. An unblended pure maple syrup, crafted from a single-estate location.


-Ancient mined pink salt doesn’t have plastic (all sea or ocean salts have been found to contain microparticles of plastic), aluminum, anti-caking agents, and other nonsense in it.



Maple Pink Salt Almonds

PriceFrom $4.95
  • 3 ingredients: *almonds (raw, organic, sprouted & dehydrated), *maple syrup mined pink salt


    *denotes organic


    A generous coating of dark maple syrup combined with a light pink mined salt is reminiscent of Cracker Jacks but the healthy version. Perfect snack with beer, cider, or any fermented beverage. Chop them up and add them to oatmeal, yogurt, or pancakes. 

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